Sunday, October 12, 2014

In the Fight Of My Life

I've been gone for a little while trying to get through life basically. There has been so many things that have been heavy on my heart and on my brain. So I'm posting this song to remind myself and help others if they need it. Remember that no matter you are going through - you WILL get through it.
Live through it. Grow through it. Get through it. You can make it if you just PRAY THROUGH LIVE through it.



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Job Interview Woes

"Confident potential employees make for an insecure manager."

I said this statement when I was talking to my girlfriend who was recalling a conversation she had with one of her business professors. She was told that “Hiring managers look for more reasons not to hire as opposed to putting you on the team”

This made me wonder: 1. Is this really true? And 2. If it is true, we’re pretty doomed.

When walking into an interview you have to hold your head high because in about two minutes you have to sell yourself and explain why you’re the best fit for the job that you’re going for. It’s a little unfair to me when you think about it. The person across the table from me gets to judge every single last thing about me while all I can do is sit there and hope and pray that I get the job. They look at my natural hair that I have more than likely twisted into some type of updo since my blonde fro wouldn’t be considered the status quo in an office setting. My outfit is next to follow, not to tight, not too small, no wrinkles, down to the shoes: no sandals, scuff marks, rips or holes and god forbid if you’re wearing a dress/skirt with no stockings! And this is all before I open up my mouth.

I can honestly say that I HATE the interview process. You have to sit through one, two and sometimes three callback interviews and there’s still a possibility that you will not get the job. And if you go back and try to get the answer why you weren’t hired, there is no answer, or that pacifist type of answer “you were really great, positive, attentive etc. etc, we just went with someone else. Allow me to vent here and say if you cannot give me an answer why you couldn’t hire me then you obviously need to hire me. The other person must have paled my attentiveness and positivity so much that there was no real reason I did not get hired but it was reason enough to hire someone else. This makes perfect sense.

Back to the interview. You’re sitting there, across from the hiring manager KNOWING that your qualifications exceed those needed to do the job, to the point where you are at manager status, however there is still a 50/50 chance you could get hired. Let’s be honest here, a manager is not going to hire someone who could be coming for their job in just a few short months. The only exception to this is if the manager is planning on leaving soon. And by knowing these odds while I sit in that interview room I begin to wonder is this even worth it? Am I even going to get this job? But before I start to think too negatively, I say a quick prayer and say “Hello, I’m Lenora, it’s nice to meet you.”


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear Ex-Best Friend...

Dear Ex-Best Friend,

     I wish that I could say that I miss you, and that I want us to hang out again, but then I would be lying - and I stopped doing that a couple months ago so you're out of luck. Being your friend was nothing but trouble and I never realized it until I started to pull back from you. I actually started to get more things done without you. I scored a 4.0 GPA at school because you and I stopped being friends, I started to do more things on my own because I didn't have you to lean on anymore. And most importantly, I got back to being me, because you were no longer around, pushing me behind you and into your shadow.

I wish I could say that it was fun but it wasn't. It was crippling and heartbreaking when looking in hindsight. Thank you for being such a big life lesson for me.

I wont forget you, but I refuse to be friends with you again.
GOOD-BYE LAZINESS - it wasn't nice knowing you.

- N.P

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life? What's That?

So I have been having plenty of discussions with people lately about what this whole life thing is about. I mean most of us are trying to make our parents proud by going to college and getting a career that will make us stable for the rest of our lives, or do what we think is safe as opposed to living out our wildest dreams. My question to the masses is: Does that really count as life?

I can only speak for me personally and I can honestly say that I have not been living. Yes, technically I have been living - breathing and functioning in the everyday world (praise God) - however, the kind of living that we all SHOULD be doing, I was not a part of. My passions have been pushed in a corner just collecting dust while I move around like a robot trying to stay afloat in my office job.


That office job that became my second home - like literally spending half my day at the office and the other half sleeping at home - let me go. And once that job dropped out of my schedule, the rest of my schedule crumbled and left me with nothing but time with myself and my thoughts. And you know what happens when you finally sit down with all your thoughts and you no longer have distractions? You realize just how much time you have been WASTING.

So now I have been blessed with "time off". My spirituality has been growing and its made me look at things like never before. I have lost some friends and have even stopped talking to some family members. It hurts but I believe its necessary for me to grow.

So, Life. What is it? A chance for you to show the world what you got. An opportunity that was laid at your feet by God to do good works and reap the benefits of said works. To embrace your passions and lead the life that will bring you happiness.

And with that, it's time to get the rest of my life in order. You should do the same.